Here’s a look inside ‘Marvel’s Voices: X-Men’

The anthology features new comics by Al Ewing, Greg Pak, Daniel Bayliss, Jorge Corona and more.

Marvel will release another of their Marvel’s Voices anthologies in August, this time focusing in on the X-Men.

The anthology series, which sprang from a podcast on with the same name, has been published since 2020 and has spotlighted “diverse storytellers and their journeys,” as well as characters from diverse backgrounds. This year Marvel’s Voices began spotlighting specific character groups, like the Spider-Verse characters and the citizens of Wakanda, in stories by diverse creators.

And this time around, they’ve recruited a very diverse group to create stories about one of their most diverse character groups. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find in the anthology when it arrives Aug. 16.

“EVIL MUTANTS” Starring Destiny and Mystique

Jay Edidin—co-host of the X-Men podcast Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men and worked on the X-Men issue of Marvel Snapshots, will work with artist Nina Vakueva, creator of Lilith’s World, for “a heartfelt tale about Mystique and Destiny set during the couple’s time leading the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.”

“THE STOLEN NIGHT” Starring Rogue and Gambit

Brazilian fantasy novelists and screenwriters Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz have a tale featuring Mr. and Mrs. X, aka Gambit and Rogue, whose date night turns into a robbery of the Thieves Guild. That Gambit is so romantic! This one is drawn by artist Jethro Morales with colors by Michael Wiggam.

“CRYO-THERAPY” Starring Storm and Iceman

Comedian and TV writer Jay Jurden, who works on Apple TV’s The Problem With Jon Stewart, makes his Marvel debut with artist Wilton Santos on this short story featuring Storm and Iceman throwing down to test their limits. They are joined by inker Oren Junior and colorist Andrew Dalhouse.

“HOLLYWOOD ENDING” Starring Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike

Honestly it’s still a little odd for me to see heroes and villains hanging out together in the pages of the X-Men comics. This story by Greg Pak, Daniel Bayliss and Marcelo Costa features Jubilee and Lady Deathstrike, once bitter enemies, teaming up.

“THE MAN WITH NO SHAME” Starring Solem

Al Ewing, Gustaffo Vargas and Manuel Ananda Puppo have a story featuring Solem, the new badass in the mutant-verse who fought Wolverine during X of Swords.

“TEAM-BUILDING TERRORS!” Starring Jean Grey and Emma Frost

Finally, author Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex) and artist Jorge Corona both make their big Marvel debut with this team-up between old rivals — Jena Grey and Emma Frost.

In addition to the main cover by Bernard Chang, this one comes with a couple of variants by David Marquez and Nicoletti Baldari:

Look for it in stores Aug. 16.

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