Rob Liefeld’s final Deadpool comic kicks off in August

The five-issue miniseries ‘Deadpool Team-Up’ brings the character together with Wolverine, Spider-Gwen, Crystar and more.

It seems like Deadpool is all about the team-ups these days. Not only will he and Wolverine buddy it up in their big road trip movie this summer, but now Marvel has announced that Rob Liefeld’s final Deadpool comic will bring the Merc with a Mouth together with several friends, new and old, in a issue miniseries.

Deadpool Team-Up will be written and drawn by Liefeld, who is also doing the covers. As for who exactly Deadpool is teaming up with, it’s an eclectic mix of Marvel mainstays and obscure choices: Wolverine, the Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Crystar (the Crystal Warrior!) and Major X, another Liefeld creation.

“Everyone has that one comic with that obscure character that they always wanted more of,” Liefeld said. “l, myself, have several of these and I pulled them from relative obscurity from the deepest corners of the Marvel Universe and placed them next to Deadpool, right at the center of an all new, cataclysmic adventure!”

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Rest in peace, Don Perlin

The co-creator of Moon Knight and Bloodshot and artist of countless comics passed away at the age of 94.

Don Perlin, the veteran comics artist who co-created Moon Knight and Bloodshot, passed away May 14 at the age of 94, his daughter confirmed on social media.

“I am devastated to report the death of an amazing man. My father Don Perlin passed away peacefully yesterday at the age of 94,” Elaine Perlin wrote on Facebook. “He was an amazing father, husband, grandfather and great-grandfather. We will all miss him terribly. He was an amazing artist and considered a legend in the comic world. To me he was my best friend. I will miss him so much.”

Born in New York City and raised in Brooklyn, Perlin began pursuing his career in high school when he began taking classes from Burne Hogarth, who worked on the Tarzan comic strip and wrote several anatomy books aimed at artists.

“I always wanted to draw and I always like to draw cartoons,” he told Nerd Team 30 back in 2018. “While I was in high school, Burne Hogarth had put an ad in some of the high school papers about a class he’d be having on Saturday mornings in Manhattan. I showed it to my dad and he called Hogarth. We went to his apartment and showed him some of the things I’d done, and he accepted me into to the class. There I started learning about comic books and comic strips and the ‘how-to’ part of things.  From there on I started trying to get into the business and slowly I managed to.”

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Murewa Ayodele + Lucas Werneck unleash a ‘Storm’ at Marvel

The new ongoing series featuring the Omega-level mutant begins in October.

Marvel has revealed more details on the upcoming Storm solo title, which was teased in the initial X-Men: From the Ashes line announcement. The new title will be written by Akogun: Brutalizer of Gods writer Murewa Ayodele and drawn by Immortal X-Men artist Lucas Werneck, and will feature Storm in an enhanced role: prime protector of the planet.

“As a fan of Storm, her duties to the X-Men and what she stands for in various real-world communities, I would like to assure the audience that Storm is in danger. Extremely so,” Ayodele said. “We love Ororo Munroe, and that is why we have crafted a thrilling story that will put the strength of her character on wide-open display.”

Storm will operate out of Atlanta from a new headquarters, where she will be “making decisions that will forecast the future of the Marvel Universe.” Oh yeah, and she’s also joining the Avengers.

“But when you’re an Omega-level mutant, few things can test your limits, and even fewer things can shatter those limits,” Ayodele said. “For our Storm series, one thing we would like fans to remember is that there are threats that are beyond Omega. Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary display of superheroism that leaves knuckles bloody, knees bashed in, and mountains cratered.”

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Nominees announced for the 2024 Eisner Awards

Winners will be announced at Comic-Con International in July.

Comic-Con International has announced the nominees for this year’s Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. This is the 36th year for the awards, which will be given out at this year’s Comic-Con International on July 26.

In terms of publishers, Image Comics and DC received the most nominations, followed by Fantagraphics, First Second and IDW. In terms of creators, Kelly Thompson leads the pack with five nominations, while Emily Carroll, Juano Guarnido, Bill Griffith and Tom Taylor each received three nominations.

Here’s the full list of this year’s nominees:

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Dazzler hits the road in a new miniseries by Jason Loo + Rafael Loureiro

The world tour begins in September.

It’s been decades since Dazzler has headlined her own series, but this September she returns to the spotlight in a four-issue miniseries by Jason Loo and Rafael Loureiro.

Part of the From the Ashes initiative, Dazzler is heading out on tour in a post-Krakoa world to promote mutant rights and celebrate her music career. She’ll be joined by her squad, which includes a whole bunch of mutants — head of security Domino, personal guard Strong Guy, one-man roadie Multiple Man, drummer Shark Girl, and publicist Wind Dancer.

“Rafael and I are giving everyone backstage access to the greatest show of the decade: the Dazzler World Tour!” Loo said. “Sounds exciting? Not for Dazzler when she’s facing tons of pressure from all sorts of people trying to cancel her shows. But she’s not going down without a fight.”

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Marvel celebrates 50 years of Iron Fist in August

The anthology will feature stories by Chris Claremont, Lan Medina, Alyssa Wong, Ron Randal and more.

Marvel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first appearance of Iron Fist in August with a one-shot anthology featuring stories about both Danny Rand and Lin Lie.

The character first appeared in Marvel Premiere #15, published in 1974, in a story by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Since then Iron Fist has had his own title on numerous occasions, as well as appearing in places like Avengers, Defenders, Heroes for Hire and the long-running Power Man & Iron Fist title. We’ve also learned that the “Iron Fist” is a legacy, as various characters wielded it prior to Danny Rand, and we’ve seen others use it after him — including the young monk Pei, Wakandan bad ass Okoye and Lie, the former Sword Master.

Following his appearance in Marvel Premiere, Iron Fist spun off into his own title by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, which ran in the mid-1970s and featured appearances by Iron Man, Captain America, the X-Men and Sabretooth, who debuted in the title. For the anniversary one-shot, Claremont will team with artist Lan Medina for a new story from early in Danny’s career that will guest star Wolverine.

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A Storm is coming to ‘Avengers’

And so is artist Valerio Schiti.

The Avengers will get a new member and a new artist in August following in the wake of both Blood Hunt and Fall of the House of X. Valerio Schiti will join Jed MacKay on the title, as they welcome Storm from the X-Men to the team.

“As a reader, I am a great fan of Jed’s run, and I really love the way he writes the team: not just as fellow soldiers, but as a group of friends with a shared past,” Schiti said. “At the same time, he doesn’t hold back on action and fight scenes! The balance between these two moods is exactly what excites me the most when I have to start a new gig!”

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Jenny Sparks will return in a DC Black Label miniseries by Tom King + Jeff Spokes

The six-issue miniseries, which also features Batman and Captain Atom, begins in August.

The leader of The Authority will return in a new miniseries by Tom King and Jeff Spokes this summer. Jenny Sparks will be published by DC’s Black Label imprint and will feature Batman and Captain Atom as well.

Jenny Sparks is an epic, thrilling, mind-blowing series in the tradition of Strange AdventuresMister Miracle and The Human Target,” King said. “The Spirit of the 20th Century comes to the 21st to try to save five men and women taken hostage by an out-of-control and infinitely powered Captain Atom. Through this lens, we’ll explore the grip of Jenny’s time on our own; how, despite all our desperate prayers, the sins of our past refuse to die away. Featuring astonishing art by Jeff Spokes (seriously, it’s so damn good), Jenny Sparks seeks to set the bar in superhero comics, to show how our heroes can illuminate and define our moment.”

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Exclusive Preview | Take a look at Vince Locke’s artwork from ‘Essentials’

The graphic novel by Luke Arnold, Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt and a host of artists will wrap up its crowdfunding campaign this week.

With less than three days left on the clock, we’re pleased to present an exclusive preview of Essentials, the graphic novel by Luke Arnold, Chris “Doc” Wyatt and a host of artists that’s currently winding down its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Essentials is about a mathematician who predicted the end of the world but failed to prevent it. He discovers there are other survivors, but they’re trapped in alternate “dream” realities full of zombies, robots, mythical creatures and more. Each of these alternate realities will be illustrated by a different artist, including Vince Locke, Andrea Mutti, MK Perker, Brendan McCarthy, DaNi and Jason Howard, with colors by Jordie Bellaire, Brad Simpson and Wesley Wong, and lettering by DC Hopkins.

Today we’re sharing pages from Locke’s chapter, which appropriately is set in a reality filled with zombies.

“Somehow Essentials feels deeply personal but also the greatest collaboration I could hope to be a part of,” Arnold said. “I love writing novels on my own, but a comic is always going to be a group project, and it’s all about embracing and celebrating that partnership. Because what we write isn’t going to an audience, it’s going to a team of dedicated, talented artists who turn our dreams into reality. And then there’s The Lab, who have been with us the whole way, pushing to make this book as impactful as possible.”

Arnold told me when we initially talked about the project that he and Wyatt were afraid their publisher, the Lab Press, might shut them down when they suggested using different artist for each reality. But they were into it.

“The people at The Lab Press are deeply, deeply weird people,” Wyatt said. “Just hanging out with them, you’re like– these are strange people. Really. It’s a lot. But it worked great for us, because we had a strange story, and they were excited to publish it.”

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Smash Pages Q&A | Will Tempest on ‘Harsh Prospect’

The creator of the webcomic-turned-crowdfunded graphic novel discusses the science fiction/horror story, his approach to design and his work in the tabletop game space.

Will Tempest is an artist based out of Edinburgh in the UK, where he creates comics, tabletop RPGs and more in the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres. Last year he crowdfunded a print collection of his webcomic, Harsh Prospect, which is available to read on the web, on Webtoon or to purchase for download.

Harsh Prospect is a science fiction story in the vein of The Thing or Alien, as a struggling colony on an alien world discovers “a blob of goo” that proves to be more than they bargained for. The eerie setting is made even more so by Tempest’s designs; readers of Tempest’s work on Cities of Magick or Materials know that he has an eye for creative yet practical character and creature designs.

I spoke with Tempest about the project, as well as a tabletop game he’s developed with his brother. We discuss the comic, its influences, his approach to design, what I learned from crowdfunding and more. My thanks for his time.

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Can’t Wait for Wednesday | It’s Doom vs. Galactus in a battle for the ages

Check out new comics and graphic novels arriving this week by Sanford Greene, Jonathan Hickman, Rich Douek, Gavin Smith, Ray Fawkes, Antonio Fuso, Mark Russell, Peter Krause, Jazmine Joyner, Anthony Pugh, Benji Lee, Stephanie Phillips, Dani Bolinho and more.

Welcome to Can’t Wait for Wednesday, your guide to what comics are arriving in comic book stores, bookstores and on digital.

I’ve pulled out some of the highlights below, but for the complete list of everything you might find at your local comic shop and on digital this week, you’ll want to check out one or more of the following:

As a reminder, things can change and what you find on the above lists may differ from what’s actually arriving in your local shop. So always check with your comics retailer for the final word on availability.

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Emily Carroll, Vincy Lim + more win at the 2024 Doug Wright Awards

The annual awards that recognize Canadian comic creators were presented at a ceremony in Toronto on Saturday.

The winners of the 2024 Doug Wright Awards were announced this weekend at a ceremony that was livestreamed from the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto, as a part of TCAF weekend. The ceremony was hosted by cartoonist Dustin Harbin.

The Doug Wright Awards honor “the best work and most promising talent in Canadian comics,” and have been awarded annually since 2005.

Emily Carroll took home the award for “Best Book” for A Guest in the House, which was published by First Second last August. The graphic novel won the L.A. Times Book Prize earlier this year and has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award as well.

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