Can you identify all the icons on this Image Comics shirt?

Look for it in comic shops July 26.

I had trouble with a few of them. Arriving in comic shops the week of July 26 — a few days after Comic-Con International ends, so no doubt you’ll be able to find them in San Diego as well — is a new shirt from Image Comics, featuring 20 icons from the comics they’ve published:

I did get row four, which I’ll call the “OI” (original Image) row, right away. The shirt retails for $25, and if you’d like one, hit up your comics retailer now.

5 thoughts on “Can you identify all the icons on this Image Comics shirt?”

  1. So are the “answers” posted somewhere? I had the most trouble with rows 3 and 4. I’m still trying to find out what that “owl head” symbol is (among others)…

  2. I haven’t seen an answer sheet, but I can ID the icons on row four … they are Youngblood, Shadowhawk, Spawn and Savage Dragon.

  3. These are the ones I’ve figured out so far:
    First row: Bitch Planet, Black Science, I Hate Fairyland, Lazarus.
    Second row: Clone, ?, Rat Queens, ?
    Third row: ?, East of West, Injection, ?
    Fourth row: Youngblood, Shadowhawk, Spawn, Savage Dragon
    Fifth row: God Country, ODY-C, ?, ?

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