Felix the Cat returns to comics

Source Point Press will publish a new Felix the Cat comic next year by Mike Federali and Tracy Yardley.

Felix the Cat — the wonderful, wonderful cat — will return to comics next year in a new series by Source Point Press and Dreamworks Animation. Writer Mike Federali and artist Tracy Yardley will tell new stories about Felix, his friends and his trusty bag of tricks.

“Over the years, I’ve gotten to work with some iconic characters, and Felix the Cat is as iconic as they come,” Yardley said. “Drawing his bold, graphic style and his classic cast of friends has put a feline feather in my comics cap.”

Here’s the description from Source Point Press: Kitty Kat, Roc Bottom, Inky, Winky and all your classic favorites have gathered for Felix the Cat day, a celebration of everyone’s favorite feline, but the festivities are interrupted when Xilef the Extraordinary tries to steal Felix’s Magic Bag! Can Felix win Xilef’s three challenges, or will he have to say goodbye to Baggie for good?

Felix first debuted on screen in 1919, created by the team of Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer during the silent film era. After finding success as a cartoon, Felix appeared in comic strips and on merchandise in the 1920s. When sound was introduced to films and cartoons, Felix fell out of favor, but his comic strip continued into the 1940s and he began appearing in comic books thanks to publisher Dell Comics. Felix the Cat returned to animation in the 1950s, this time on TV, where his “bag of tricks” was introduced. He returned to comic strips in the 1980s, briefly, in a strip with another early animation icon, Betty Boop. He’s also appeared in additional cartoons and direct-to-video films since then.

“Writing for Felix the Cat is nothing short of a dream come true for me. I can’t wait for fans old and new to see what we’ve been cooking up with the world’s funniest feline. It has been a blast adding to his hilarious history. Not to mention Tracy is just CRUSHING the artwork! I’ve been in love with his linework for years and he’s been the perfect partner on this creative ride,” said Federali.

Check out a preview below:

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