Marvel announces the death of Moon Knight

Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio pull the final curtain on Moon Knight — at least until Marvel decides to bring him back.

Following in the footsteps of Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel and, well, just about every other character they have, Marvel has announced that Moon Knight will be the next character to die in their comics in a story by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio.

It’s hard not to be cynical about comic book deaths, particularly when it comes to Marvel. They not only mourned Ms. Marvel last week in the pages of Fall Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel, but turned around a few days later to announce her return. The X-Men and their resurrection protocols have pretty much ruined the impact of any comic book deaths these days, right?

And while I’m a big fan of MacKay’s work in general and on Moon Knight in particular, this story comes on the heels of a similar one featuring Doctor Strange. But still, big fan, so I’ll be curious to see how this one plays out and trust that the execution will be well handled (no pun intended … well, maybe a little).

Moon Knight #28 cover by Stephen Segovia

Here are the details from Marvel:

Running from Moon Knight #28-30, “The Last Days of Moon Knight” will see Moon Knight in a deadly race to intercept the Black Spectre before his apocalyptic schemes bear fruit—but the clock is ticking, and a city hangs in the balance. And when the dust settles, a new vengeance will be born.

If you aren’t reading the title, that’s Hunter’s Moon on the cover with his “brother,” Moon Knight. Hunter’s Moon is the other fist of Khonshu, and they started off as antagonists but have since become allies. If Moon Knight’s going to be replaced while he’s dead, Hunter’s Moon is a likely candidate for the job.

“Almost all the pieces are now on the board—on one side, Moon Knight and his allies in the Midnight Mission, and on the other, the Black Spectre, his creatures, and his plan for New York,” MacKay told “We’ve been building towards this confrontation since #19, and starting with Moon Knight #28, Moon Knight and the Black Spectre go to war. It’s not just a question of victory, but survival itself. The Midnight Mission is already cloaked in the black of mourning…”

Look for Moon Knight #28 to arrive in stores on Oct. 18.

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