Space Usagi hunts Yokai in a new one-shot this October

Stan Sakai and Emi Fujii channel the supernatural in this outer space tale.

Stan Sakai will return to the future version of his popular ronin rabbit in Space Usagi: Yokai Hunter this fall.

The full-color one-shot by Sakai and colorist Emi Fujii, who is coloring the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Usagi Yojimbo: WhereWhen miniseries, will find Usagi facing supernatural horrors in outer space. It will be published by Dark Horse Comics under Sakai’s Dogu Publishing imprint.

Here’s the description from Dark Horse:

The tales of Usagi Yojimbo have been told over hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Someone in the far future enjoys another classic adventure in the Space Usagi universe with a unique new story. Even in space, there is no shortage of dangers, warring foes, daring deeds and supernatural horrors to hone the skills of a descendant of 17th-century samurai Miyamoto Usagi. 

The one-shot will arrive in stores Oct. 11.

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