‘Superior Spider-Man’ will return as an ongoing series

Dan Slott and Mark Bagley will plot a new course for the character following the 10th anniversary one-shot.

Following the news from earlier in the week that Marvel would celebrate the 10th anniversary of Superior Spider-Man with a one-shot, the publisher announced in San Diego this weekend plans for a new Superior Spider-Man ongoing series.

Dan Slott and Mark Bagley will chart a new path for Doctor Octopus and Peter Parker, springing from their recent work on Spider-Man.

cover by Mark Bagley

Here are more details from Marvel:

Following October’s special SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN RETURNS one-shot, writer Dan Slott and artist Mark Bagley will reunite for a new SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN ongoing series! Spinning out of their current hit SPIDER-MAN run, prepare for a “Superior Reckoning” as Spider faces a brand-new villain from his SUPERIOR past. As she fries New York with all the power of a living star, Doc Ock makes a life-changing discovery in this epic celebration of everything that made Spider-Man Superior. The new villain will make her first appearance in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN RETURNS before unleashing her revenge on Otto Octavius, Peter Parker, and more in the new series.

Look for the first issue on Nov. 15.

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